Monday, March 7, 2016

Speaking at Education Budget Session by Plan International

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

About Rana Umair Asif

  • Regional Education Activist at Alif Ailaan Education Campaign
  • Founding Director, Board Member, Kafka Welfare Organization
  • Old Ravian, Graduated from GC University Lahore in 2012
  • Won Certificate of Distinction at GC University Lahore
  • Got Make a Difference Award 2013 by British Youth Council London
  • Got title "Hero of Pakistan" by Samma TV
  • Graduate of Young Leaders Program 2015 by United Nations office on Sports for Development & Peace 
  • Global Youth Ambassador AWAS 
  •  Education Youth Ambassador ITA 
  • Founder/Chairperson YJAW Youth Blog
  • Task force Member EFA, GMR UNESCO (Past)
  • ILM Ambassador & Active Citizen British Council (Past)
  • National Youth Representative, Green Youth Generation (Past)
  • Peace Ambassador, The Shift Network International
  • Ambassador, LUMS International Colloquium 2011
  • Co-Editor University Gazette 
  • Member of Youth Parliament of Pakistan
  • Writer, IEARN Egypt
  • Dramatics Head, Art & Media Fest 2012
  • Mime Head, NAGS11
  • Member, YPEER Pakistan
  • Youth Delegate Third Global Conference by Women Deliver 2013
  • Youth Delegate AIDS 2014
  • Youth Task Force Member AIDS 2014 
  • Inspirator Roaster, People 4 Change Action Aid Denmark
  • Former Member, International AIDS Society
  • Ambassador Youth Peace Summit 2012
  • Founder, International Youth Peace Summit 2013, 2nd Youth Peace Summit 2014, Child Marriages Campaign, Youth Vision 4 Peace Campaign, Citizen Journalism and Social Media Workshops
  • Ambassador Carma 2013

SAP Awards 2011

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HIV/AIDS workshops

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Women Deliver 2013

Social Media Workshop

Youth Peace Summit

School Enrollment Awareness Campaign

Storytelling Session by Punjab MPA

Community Session with Mothers

Moderating Education Budget Session

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